Monday, 22 August 2011

POEM: "Who I Am"

I promised some of my poems, and thought this would be a good start, as it wraps up my comments from my first blog about being different identities :)

"Who I Am"    

When anyone asks me who I am
I tell my life story as simply as I can.

I'm a woman, a daughter, a mother, a wife;
I'm a simple person living a simple life.

I laugh and smile, sometimes I cry
But I never let the chance of a good time go by!

I was and iron clothes, I cook and I clean.
My mind is full of thoughts when I'm awake or in dreams.

I've given and taken orders to get the job done
I've been seriously seriously, I've had heaps of fun!

I've known sadness and heartache, even despair;
It's a dark gloomy place; I hate being there.

I've been injured and ill, I've been fit and well.
I've felt like I'm in heaven; briefly visited hell.

I've been loved and liked, been hated and blamed.
I don't want to hate back; I won't play that game.

I've felt trapped and cornered, but I'm alive and free!
My favourite day is today, whenever it may be.

So now you feel you might know me from what I say
But I might be or do something DIFFERENT today!!

                                                                                        Fiona Hutchison   Aug. 2010

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Gonna have f-f-fun today!!!

Most Wednesdays I head off with my craft to a little market in Margate, about 15-20 minutes south of Hobart.   While I don't always sell a lot there, it has become a social day with friends I have made at the market, and also a good networking day!  That's because it's held at Brookfield Margate, a venue where I perform regularly, and I  have almost been adopted into the Brookfield family.  I host the monthly open mic nights there, get asked to MC events as well as perform, and have been general "gadabout"at festivals and the like where I may conduct tours of the "Tudor Court Model Village", supervise the market, organise performers and sometimes even wait on tables!! (yes, I have my RSA certificate). 
I've been a guest speaker at a Rotary meeting there and recorded the commentary CD for the Village tours.  Helen Lindsay (the proprietor) has become a good friend, and I've been quite a regular on her Tuesday night radio show on Hobartfm.  I'm often in publicity photos or TV ads for the venue, and I'm sure some people think I work there full time :)    I have no problem with my name being associated with Brookfield Margate, and go to concerts there (occasionally being on the door) and also have meals there.  Sonia is the head  chef of a close-knit kitchen team and sometimes does me the honour of asking my opinion on the menu.  I am not a food expert or critic, but I have been eating food for most of my life, so feel I have some knowledge :)
Brookfield is a big shed, full of eclectic collectables, history and atmosphere.  If you like crisp stainless steel, glass & tile type of eateries, this venue may NOT be for you, but if you enjoy a variety of live music (often FREE) and good home-cooked style cuisine which often surprises with its originality, then get along to 1640 Channel Highway, Margate.  Oh, you might see me there!!!

Monday, 15 August 2011

Doesn't she have a proper job?

I gave a concert at Mum's nursing home a couple of weeks ago, and Mum (being like most mums) was telling another lady about the different places I sing, the crafts I make and the markets I sell at, which prompted the lady to ask "Doesn't she have a proper job? "

I find that amusing,as my lifestyle is one that I love, and  couldn't maintain without the love and support of my darling husband Jeff.

Even when I had a so-called "real" job during the day, I would be out performing evenings and weekends, marketing, or doing my bit in the community.  These days, Jeff has the "proper"job, and I still go out evenings and  weekends, marketing and doing my bit in the community!  I don't always receive monetary gain from my activities ( some of it DOES pay) but I am rewarded richly by being involved in others' lives, and truly blessed to have a wonderful husband to come along with me sometimes and help in many other ways.  I always smile when I drive into our street and see his car out the front, just knowing he will be waiting for me to tell him all about my adventure.

So if you see me out and about singing, or being an MC,
or  selling craft at a market, you are only seeing half of the team; Jeff is the "other half". 

Thank you darling.                                

Sunday, 14 August 2011

To blog or not to blog!

It seems the time has come for me to start a regular blog. 
You may know me as Fiona Hutchison ( singer/songwriter/poet/MC/entertainer) ,
just as "Fiona", even 'Fi",as Fiona's f-f-fun crafts, or from my online name (for many years) of tassiesinger, or simply as "Jeff's wife", "Annette's mum"or "Gwen's daughter".

Why start blogging now?

I've never really blogged seriously before, but have posted frequently on my space, facebook and twitter.  I have 3 different pages/profiles on facebook, and admin another; they represent my different "personas".
 My life is neatly divided  and happily/messily intertwined being a wife, daughter, mother, performer, writer, craftworker & market stallholder.  Some people only know me in one role, and might be surprised at some of the other things I get up to; my adventures!

Life is an adventure!

I have had my fair share of rotten days (thankfully mainly in the past) but look forward to living each day as it comes, hopefully learning something different, meeting someone new, or simply enjoying all the good things life brings.
This is reflected in some of my poems, and I plan to share some in this blog.

Join me!!

Go on, you know you want to peek into my innermost being!!
Have a read and see what poems and thought I share, and what I've been doing and also what I am planning.  It won't be too personal,but might just make you smile for a moment or take time to think.

Peace & love, Fiona