Monday, 22 August 2011

POEM: "Who I Am"

I promised some of my poems, and thought this would be a good start, as it wraps up my comments from my first blog about being different identities :)

"Who I Am"    

When anyone asks me who I am
I tell my life story as simply as I can.

I'm a woman, a daughter, a mother, a wife;
I'm a simple person living a simple life.

I laugh and smile, sometimes I cry
But I never let the chance of a good time go by!

I was and iron clothes, I cook and I clean.
My mind is full of thoughts when I'm awake or in dreams.

I've given and taken orders to get the job done
I've been seriously seriously, I've had heaps of fun!

I've known sadness and heartache, even despair;
It's a dark gloomy place; I hate being there.

I've been injured and ill, I've been fit and well.
I've felt like I'm in heaven; briefly visited hell.

I've been loved and liked, been hated and blamed.
I don't want to hate back; I won't play that game.

I've felt trapped and cornered, but I'm alive and free!
My favourite day is today, whenever it may be.

So now you feel you might know me from what I say
But I might be or do something DIFFERENT today!!

                                                                                        Fiona Hutchison   Aug. 2010

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