Sunday, 14 August 2011

To blog or not to blog!

It seems the time has come for me to start a regular blog. 
You may know me as Fiona Hutchison ( singer/songwriter/poet/MC/entertainer) ,
just as "Fiona", even 'Fi",as Fiona's f-f-fun crafts, or from my online name (for many years) of tassiesinger, or simply as "Jeff's wife", "Annette's mum"or "Gwen's daughter".

Why start blogging now?

I've never really blogged seriously before, but have posted frequently on my space, facebook and twitter.  I have 3 different pages/profiles on facebook, and admin another; they represent my different "personas".
 My life is neatly divided  and happily/messily intertwined being a wife, daughter, mother, performer, writer, craftworker & market stallholder.  Some people only know me in one role, and might be surprised at some of the other things I get up to; my adventures!

Life is an adventure!

I have had my fair share of rotten days (thankfully mainly in the past) but look forward to living each day as it comes, hopefully learning something different, meeting someone new, or simply enjoying all the good things life brings.
This is reflected in some of my poems, and I plan to share some in this blog.

Join me!!

Go on, you know you want to peek into my innermost being!!
Have a read and see what poems and thought I share, and what I've been doing and also what I am planning.  It won't be too personal,but might just make you smile for a moment or take time to think.

Peace & love, Fiona

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