Monday, 15 August 2011

Doesn't she have a proper job?

I gave a concert at Mum's nursing home a couple of weeks ago, and Mum (being like most mums) was telling another lady about the different places I sing, the crafts I make and the markets I sell at, which prompted the lady to ask "Doesn't she have a proper job? "

I find that amusing,as my lifestyle is one that I love, and  couldn't maintain without the love and support of my darling husband Jeff.

Even when I had a so-called "real" job during the day, I would be out performing evenings and weekends, marketing, or doing my bit in the community.  These days, Jeff has the "proper"job, and I still go out evenings and  weekends, marketing and doing my bit in the community!  I don't always receive monetary gain from my activities ( some of it DOES pay) but I am rewarded richly by being involved in others' lives, and truly blessed to have a wonderful husband to come along with me sometimes and help in many other ways.  I always smile when I drive into our street and see his car out the front, just knowing he will be waiting for me to tell him all about my adventure.

So if you see me out and about singing, or being an MC,
or  selling craft at a market, you are only seeing half of the team; Jeff is the "other half". 

Thank you darling.                                


  1. What a beautiful post from a beautiful and talented lady! A 'proper job' doesn't suit everyone... And my what a loss to the community it would be if you decided to sacrifice all your activities so you could have a 'real job'! How incredibly sad would that be. You contribute so much by sharing your gift, so thankyou :) xx

  2. Thank you sweet of you :)